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CLONMULT (working title) is a feature period drama based around the story of the Clonmult ambush of 1921. It is currently in development and is as yet unfunded. This proposal sets out in broad terms the details for the production of the film.

Proposal documents, treatment and script extracts are available to read and download from resources below.

In February 1921, at the height of the Irish War of Independence, the East Cork Flying Column of the IRA 4th Battalion were billeted at a remote farm cottage near the village of Clonmult, Co. Cork. On the afternoon of the 20th, the British Army 2nd Battalion Hampshire Regiment, acting on intelligence, together with RIC and Auxiliary forces, surrounded the house and a gun battle ensued.

Twelve of the Column were shot dead during and after the three-hour battle and two were subsequently executed in Cork.


This period drama will tell the story of the final days of the Flying Column as an adaptation of the known facts, seen through the eyes of a fictional local family, their teenage daughter and their neighbours.

The story lines of the men of the Flying Column are based on the recorded facts of their activities during the war and their time in the Clonmult area, working from the published witness statements available.


"A headstrong but innocent teenage girl is drawn reluctantly into Ireland’s War of Independence as she witnesses the rebel’s worst defeat unfold on her doorstep. But with her dream of first love lost forever, she discovers a new strength and courage".


The twelve men killed at the battle in Feb. 1921 Burned out safe house near Clonmult

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Outline Proposal - (1-Page) Treatment Script Extract


WHERE IS CLONMULT?   The small village of Clonmult is located in the farm land of East Cork, Ireland, about 20 miles from Cork city.

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