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Shazia Mirza's Work

Shazia works across a wide range of media and platforms, the main body of which is her stand-up shows. She writes and tours a new stand-up show each year and performs many additional club gigs on a regular basis. In addition she works in television, radio and acting and she also writes for some of the world's premier media publications including The Guardian, The Financial Times and New Statesman, as well as a host of other papers and magazines. Shazia also undertakes regular corporate commissions as after dinner speaker, host and awards presenter.

The links below provide a small sample of this range of work.

Writing by Shazia:             Showreels

FINANCIAL TIMES - February 2016 | by Shazia Mirza
From playground to warzone

NEW INTERNATIONALIST - January 2016 | by Shazia Mirza
‘If you want to know the truth, read the Qur’an, not The Daily Mail’ 

FINANCIAL TIMES - June 2013 | by Shazia Mirza
No offence   On a stand-up tour of India...

FINANCIAL TIMES - January 2012 | by Shazia Mirza
Standing up in Cambodia

THE GUARDIAN: Shazia's Column  - May 2010 | by Shazia Mirza
Diary of a disappointing daughter

NEW STATESMAN: Shazia's Column - June 2009 | by Shazia Mirza
There’s no one more British than me: I own a Union Jack bikini. It doesn’t fit but I still wear it

CHICAGO TRIBUNE - September 2016 | by Shazia Mirza
Yes, I tell jokes about Islamic State

TIME OUT  - March 2016 | by Shazia Mirza
Shazia Mirza solves London's problems

FINANCIAL TIMES - January 2015 | by Shazia Mirza
Ridicule what is sacred and you will learn

THE GUARDIAN - June 2014 | by Shazia Mirza
In defence of smutty jokes

THE GUARDIAN: Travel Section - October 2010 | by Shazia Mirza
Fancy Dress and a lot of bottle at Andorra's ski party

NEW STATESMAN - September 2016 | by Shazia Mirza
Shazia Mirza on the culture of hate: “Once we blamed Yoko Ono. Now we blame refugees”

Stand-up Showreel

Radio Showreel Acting Showreel

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