Martin Twomey Media | tangoshoes
In a city of strangers, tango becomes a shared language

Tango Shoes will be a five-minute short produced by Breaking Light Films.  It is currently in development to be filmed on location in Dublin, Ireland.



Alone in a strange and foreign city, a man searches for a room to rent.  He carries few possessions, but the most precious things he owns are a small collection of records by the Argentinian tango singer Carlos Gardel, and a vintage record player. 

His life revolves in a cycle of working every day and listening to his records each night.  One evening he is greeted by the familiar sound of tango music coming from a neighbour's room in his boarding house. 

After days of consideration, he finally decides to take out his old dancing shoes, polish them up and take a chance.


The Cast

Ariadna Garcia Casany:  playing The Woman

Ariadna is from Barcelona and studied Dance at On Stage in Mataró, Spain. She moved to Ireland where she graduated from The Gaiety School of Acting, Dublin as well as a Master in Theatre Production in NUI Maynooth, Ireland.

She has performed in several stage and film productions including ‘Bee-Loud Glade’ at the Lingo Festival directed by Roger Gregg, ‘Fantasia’ by Escribà directed by Joan Font and ‘Vitralls’ directed by Alfons Viñas as well as a number of her own productions including Give me the Grass and Stop 22, both of which she directed.

Ariadna's dance styles include Classical Dance, Ballet, Modern Jazz and Modern Urban Dance.



Conor Donolen: playing The Man

Conor trained in Performing Arts & Theatre Studies in B.I.F.E before going on to Swansea to attain his Degree in 2010. 

Conor's areas of expertise are Dance and Movement, Choreography, Acting and Singing.