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Following the success of her critically acclaimed 2016/17 show; ‘The Kardashians Made Me Do It', Shazia's 2017/18 tour; 'With Love From St. Tropez' launched in Lund on August 31st 2017, running for 53 nights across the UK and internationally.

This show launched at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017 at the Gilded Balloon for a 26 night run and, including London previews, has played for a total of 87 nights.

'After starving to death on a desert Island, I've changed my mind about a few things. I knew nothing about men before, I know an awful lot now.  Men versus women, survival, and is anyone really an atheist in the middle of a Tsunami? The answers to everything are in The Periodic Table. Oh, and don't you dare wear more than dental floss on a French beach'.

On stage at Lund









Tour Details
Tour programming is now closed but we may be able to arrange limited extra bookings subject to availability.

The show is presented as a two-part, 90 min. performance - plus c15 min. interval.

In some cases the show can also presented as a single-part, 60 min. performance without an interval.


Enquiries: contact MTM Productions




Tour Dates 2017/18 On Stage at Ankora On stage at Clevedon

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