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Summon Her Children is based on the true story of the Irish volunteers in County Laois and their part in the Easter Rising of 1916.

‘Summon Her Children’ is a c25min. award winning drama adaptation of events Co. Laois, in Easter 1916, produced by Brick By Stone Productions. Brothers Paddy and Eamon Fleming, who were local volunteers, received orders from Headquarters in Dublin to attack the main railway lines preventing transport of British reinforcements from the south to put down the Rising.

The script was written by Micháel Fleming, grandson of Paddy Fleming, based on local research and family history.  The characters are drawn from historical documents and research with several extras cast locally.

Principal photography took place on location in Co. Laois, Ireland in August 2015, and the film was released in April 2016.

Eamon Fleming Paddy Fleming


The film follows the untold story of a group of neighbours in County Laois in 1916, who were willing to lose everything to gain the freedom they had so long desired and so tirelessly fought for.

Centred around two brothers, Paddy and Eamon Fleming, who were local volunteers, the film depicts their struggle to carry out orders received from their commanders in the IRB, orders that would mark the beginning of the Easter Rising and the rebellion against the British Empire.

But their love of country is also bound up with their love for those closest to them, and at times this emotion confronts some of the characters with the hardest of decisions and the reality that; to attain one may risk losing the other.

Together with a group of local volunteers, men who knew the land better than any, they devise a plan to prevent British reinforcements from reaching Dublin in an effort to allow their comrades in the capital and around the country to strike the blow that would be heard. A blow that would herald the beginning of their journey to independence.

But their plans do not survive the first encounter with their enemy, and when guerrilla warfare rapidly turns to close quarter fighting, the main protagonists have stark choices to make; to stand and fight for what they believe in, or to abandon their orders, their hopes, and their beliefs.




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April 2016
c. 25min.
DVD, Blue Ray and DCP
L/R Stereo

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The generations shall remember them, and call them blessed

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